Saturday, August 3, 2013

Good Ole Hillbilly Sense


Years ago my husband and I had about 200 hogs. Somehow the gate was left unlatched and they all got out. He came running to the house to get me to help him chase them back in.


“Not me.” I said, “I won’t chase them. I will use the welfare system.”


He asked, “What do you mean, use the welfare system? …. .. I need your help.”


“Please stand by the gate and when ‘em hogs are all back in, just close it” I told him. 


I got the feed bucket I always used to feed ‘em; filled it with corn; walked up to ‘em hogs and then began walking toward the pen. They all followed me. You see, ’em hogs were used to being fed, not havin’ to hunt for their own feed, or root it out for themselves.


Later, my husband ask me why I called that the “welfare system”.


“Oh, that’s the system the government is using to keep people in their hog pen—give them what they want, so they will become dependant on the government, instead of themselves,” I replied laughin’.


You see any good hillbilly woman knows that dependant people don’t have to use their God-given mind to figure out how to make it in life; neither do they have to use their own energy, resources, or talents. But, they will also be the losers in the end. Someday, someway they will see that they profit the masters that feed them….


But, when hogs are locked in, they don’t know how to get out.



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